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He wants to rub my feet and watch another man on me ejaculate,

He wants to get tied up and listen to me moan as I copulate,

He likes to be a bitch boy and punished but on insta he’s a trap god- “thuggish”

I enjoy my feet getting rubbed the warmth of his mouth around my toes turns me on,

I want him to go deeper, nastier, take your tongue out lick the heel to toe, mijo deep throat,

I want him to watch the way I get fucked by a real man- J

I want him to crave the way he fingers me as on my back I lay

I want him to know that once he gave me the power he’ll never be a real man

and the only way he call for me is by saying Ma’am.



Sleeping Alone

Once again I find myself lying in bed alone,

Thinking of warmth and love my thoughts start to roam,

Why can’t he just come home and spend time with me?

Am I not special enough that to be around he does want to be?

How can he blame me for seeking all that he deprived me from?

It is he that has caused me to crave a thrust and a different cum.